Cailey Marwood is a 19-year-old singer/songwriter from Toronto, ON. She is currently based in Ottawa to complete her Bachelor of Music at Carleton University.

Using piano and accompanying arrangements, she creates luminescent tableaus, enriched with youthful optimism and surprisingly mature insight. While one can see clear influences from the likes of acts such as Adele and Alicia Keyes, Cailey’s musical originality and lyrics are a testament to an emerging voice in music today. Her lyrical focus oscillates between the bleakness of loss and the dizzying heights of ecstatic release, for yearning and for delving, meditating on the interaction between light and dark, holy and cursed, and the way of life between these extremes.  

Marwood started singing when she was four, but became serious about music in 2016. She released her first album, Haunting, that same year. She now has two singles whistling in the dark and king out on all major music streaming platforms.